It’s understandable that parents worry when they see their child walking around with the sole of their feet making contact with the floor. Especially due to the list of issues which come with flatfeet as an adult. Naturally, parents are concerned about this. Therefore, if your child has flat foot does that mean they are doomed for a lifetime of restricted mobility?

First off, don’t panic! There is good news if your child has flat feet. It is likely they will grow out of it as they get older.

There are several types of flat feet though. In most cases, children with flat feet have flexible flatfoot. Meaning when they sit in a high chair you can see an arch with non-weight bearing situations. Due to young bones and joints being much softer than mature ones this is typical in children and is not cause for concern. As your kid grows, their foot or feet should develop a more permanent rigid shape.

Nonetheless, there is also some bad news. It is the case that not all children develop an arch. For some, the arch never develops and their flat feet carry over into adulthood.

If you notice your child walking with their sole flat to the ground the first thing you should do is seek medical advice. Depending on the reason for your child’s flat feet will determine if it is correctable or manageable. It is very important to detect this early so you have more treatment options.

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