What is Athlete’s Foot (foot fungal infection)?

athletes-footAthlete’s foot is a common contagious fungal infection. Although common in athlete’s, you don’t have to be one to get this condition. This condition also occurs in men & women of all ages. Typically, an individual develops this whose feet become very sweaty while wearing tight-fitting shoes.

Athlete’s foot (foot fungal infection) starts at the feet (typically in between the toes) and can spread to the hands and toenails. Although this condition is not considered serious, it’s important to get it treated by a medical professional to ensure no reoccurrences or spreading occurs.

If you are a diabetic, contact your specialist immediately. This condition can be very serious if someone with diabetes.


Athlete’s Foot Symptoms

If you see an itchy red rash in between your toes, you might be experiencing athlete’s foot (foot fungal infection). This condition can spread to your soles, toenail, and up the side of your feet. It has also been known to spread to hands.

There are multiple types of athlete’s foot and it can happen in one or both of your feet. Although, with any type you have, you’ll most likely still see the same symptoms. These include the following:

  • Ongoing dryness and scaling on the soles and up the sides of your foot
  • Scaly itchy, red rash between your toes
  • Small, red blisters (usually on your soles or between your toes)
  • Ulcers or sores that leak fluid, smell bad, and are a red color

Athlete’s Foot Causes

The same fungal infection that occurs with ringworm and jock itch typically is the one to blame for athlete’s foot (foot fungal infection). This infection is attracted to damp socks, shoes, and all warm moist areas when it can spread.

If you frequent a public pool or gym, it is more common for you to become infected. This fungal infection spreads pretty rapidly from person to person with contact via contaminated floors, shoes, and towels.

Treatment for the Foot Fungal Infection

It’s important to treat the condition immediately. Over-the-counter medications or home remedies are ok to try before consulting a physician. However, if these treatments don’t work, then it’s time to make an appointment.

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