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Why do I have shoulder pain from golfing?

There are several reasons you could be experiencing shoulder pain from golfing or playing a sport in general. This can only be diagnosed by a professional. Although typically, when someone is dealing with shoulder pain from playing golf it is due […]


Golf is considered a low-impact game but it’s also the cause of a considerate amount of injuries. A golf injury is typically related to poor posture or an overuse of joints. Common injury areas are the elbow, lower back,  wrist, hand, and shoulder. There are many ways you can avoid a golf injury. Start off with [...]

Handling Back Pain While Staying on Your Golf Game

Golfing has gained massive traction as one of America’s all-time favorite activities. Here in South Florida, we are especially at an advantage with our year-round tropical climate. Though over time, it is easy to develop sport-related injuries. Nearly 50% of golfers are affected by back pain. Of those 50%, men are more prone to suffer [...]