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Does Rain Season Affect Joint Pain?

Florida is truly the Sunshine State offering a beautiful weather and hundreds of miles of beaches. With a combination of a humid subtropical climate in the North and Central parts and a tropical climate in South Florida, we have a defined rainy season from May through October. While it can’t be assessed scientifically, both rain [...]

Footwear For Joint Pain

Did you know that the type of footwear you buy might help significantly alleviate pain and pressure in your joints? The right pair of shoes should do more than express your sense of style; they should help you feel happy and healthy too! Each day we put pressure on our joints and, as time goes [...]

Why Weight Gain Increases Joint Pain

As we get older, we all experience aches and pains that come naturally with general wear and tear.  Joint pain is one of the most common ailments in adults 35 and older, but conditions are often worse for those who are overweight. According to a Harvard study released earlier this year, the force on the [...]

Thoughts on Pain Injections: Stop the Suffering

There are millions of people who suffer from debilitating low back pain and joint pain who live in misery every day. They wake up in pain, trudge through the day in pain, and go to bed in pain. Most chronic pain sufferers have tried a host of medications including Tylenol, anti-inflammatories, stronger opioids or “narcotics” [...]