bone stimulators

Bone Stimulators

A bone growth stimulator is a device that is worn after a cervical or lumbar surgical procedure. They are used to help spinal bones fuse together. Typically after a fusion procedure or after a failed spinal fusion.

How does it work?

The bone stimulator is designed to generate an electric current. Thereafter, it would stimulate bone growth around the cathode(s.)

Although how it works is not completely understood. Many experiments have proven that these devices do help in the healing process. It’s suggested that these stimulators are majorly affective for the healing of nonunions.

Most doctors will recommend that an increase in daily supplements are important. Such as, vitamin D, vitamin C and calcium during the treatment process.

Are bone stimulators safe?

There are no known adverse side affects to using bone stimulators. However, according to Podiatry Today, there are certain cases where they shouldn’t be used, such as:

  • If magnetic items have been used to stabilize the bone.
  • In pregnant women.
  • If the gap is larger than 50% of the bones diameter.
  • People who have growth disorders.
  • Where a false joint has developed.
  • In people with pacemakers or defibrillators (unless consults a cardiologist.)