What is a Wrist Fracture?

Wrist-FractureA wrist fracture is a break or a crack in one or more of your wrist bones. This injury most commonly occurs when people outstretch their hand during a fall and try to catch themselves, instead they land hard on their hand.

There are a few common risk factors of a wrist fracture, one is if you participate in sports. People who particularly play in sports such as skating or snowboarding are more likely to break a bone. Another common risk factor is osteoporosis, this disease weakens bones and makes them more fragile and causes them to break easily.

Symptoms of a Wrist Fracture

Typically, when experiencing a wrist fracture, there are a few common signs and symptoms, such as:

  • Severe pain. Which might worsen when gripping or squeezing or moving your hand or wrist.
  • Swelling.
  • Tenderness.
  • Bruising.
  • An obvious deformity. Such as a bent wrist.

Non-Surgical Treatment

It is typical for your physician to request imaging, such as X-rays, MRI, or a CT scan to determine if you have a break or the severity of the fracture.

  • Immobilization: It is critical for your wrist to heal properly with a splint or cast. You will also be asked to keep your hand above your heat to reduce any swelling and pain.
  • Medications: It’s common for your doctor to recommend over the counter pain relievers. If your physician is worried about infection, you might also be prescribed an antibiotic.
  • Physical Therapy: It is normal for your doctor to recommend physical therapy after your cast is removed to restore movement in your wrist.

Surgical Treatment:

Depending on the severity of your wrist fracture you might require surgery to implant pins, plates, rods or screws to hold your bones in place while they heal.


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