Tumors of The Spine Treatment Options

As discussed before in our Spinal Tumors Explanation Page; tumors of the spine are usually metastatic which means that they originate from a primary tumor elsewhere in the body and then, it spread to the spine via the lymph nodes or bloodstream.  Tumors can grow into the spinal cord causing neurological problems.  In addition, tumors may destroy vertebral bodies causing collapse and thus, local or radiating pain.  Please find below the most common spinal tumors treatment options:

Non Operative Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation are sometimes needed.  Surgery can be considered for those who do not improve via non-surgical options.  Please find below the most used surgical options for spinal tumors.  We also invite you to visit our page on Tumors of the Spine Surgery.

Anterior Vertebral Body Replacement

Surgical instruments are used to remove the tumor and affected vertebrae.  Once the tumor is removed, a metal implant is inserted to provide stability and replace the void caused by the removed tumor.

Laminectomy and Instrumentation

This procedure is performed when a tumor has spread to the spine and is pushing on the spinal cord.  The laminectomy removes a portion of the bone pushing on the nerves or spinal cord causing pain.  Instrumentation is often used to provide additional stability.


Spinal Tumor Surgery

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