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About Elizabeth Stoklosa

Elizabeth Stoklosa is a licensed and certified Physician Assistant, primarily focused on Pain Management and Spine Intervention. Elizabeth has always had an interest in orthopedic and spine conditions. She performs histories and physical’s, orders appropriate diagnostic studies, and interprets X-rays and MRIs. She is extensively qualified at administering trigger point injections, joint injections, nerve blocks, and tendon sheath injections to help alleviate pain, and has experience in caring for patients with spinal cord stimulators or peripheral nerve stimulator implants. She has also cared for patients with pain pumps and specializes in their programming and refilling. She has experience in assisting physicians with interventional procedures, including epidurals, facet injections, rhizotomies, and stimulator implants. Elizabeth’s goal is to provide the patient with the utmost care and the very best results.

What are NSAIDs and how do they work?

NSAID's are pain relievers such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, sodium, meloxicam and diclofenac. Most are non-prescriptive and over the counter. These are popular treatments for muscle aches and pains or arthritis. They relieve pain, they decrease inflammation, they prevent blood clots and they reduce fevers. They work by blocking the actions of cyclooxygenase or COX [...]

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