My introduction to Dr. Gangavalli began on the day my left arm and hand experienced such severe numbness I couldn’t button my shirt or tie my shoes. An MRI was prescribed by a neurologist and upon review he immediately ordered me to the emergency room.
The next day I was in Dr. Gangavalli’s office. With his broad smile and sense of confidence he explained in detail what was going on in this 82 year old otherwise healthy body. A two-step plan of surgery was recommended. It is now 6 months later and the numbness has subsided to the extent that my performance is back to normal. I found Dr. Gangavalli to be an exceptionally caring and thoughtful physician. His staff is friendly and always willing to address my concerns and answer all my questions. His availability for appointments is extraordinary for a doctor so incredibly talented and in demand. I know it seems strange to say this about a doctor but I always look forward to seeing him.