If you’re one of the millions of Americans who are experiencing chronic back pain, you are probably evaluating your treatment options in the hope of finding a way to return to a normal, active lifestyle without having to undergo back surgery. There are many types of degenerative spinal conditions that can produce painful symptoms, from bulging and herniated discs to bone spurs and facet disease. While these conditions can affect different areas of the spinal anatomy, they can all lead to nerve compression and chronic symptoms such as localized and radiating pain, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling and muscle weakness.

Treating back pain

In most cases, individuals who are dealing with back pain are asked by their doctors to follow a treatment plan that is composed of conservative options. These options, which can include pain and anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and hot/cold therapy, are designed to provide an adequate level of symptom relief without having to consider back surgery . However, spine surgery might be a viable option if conservative treatments don’t provide the necessary level of pain reduction.

If you are considering back surgery, you will probably have a lot of questions that you want answered before committing to a procedure. Here are a few important questions you should consider asking your surgeon:

  1. What is the name of the procedure and how is it performed?
  2. What benefits can I expect from this treatment?
  3. What are the associated risks?
  4. How long is the recovery period?
  5. What level of post-surgery pain should I anticipate?
  6. Will I need assistance at home during recovery?
  7. Is physical therapy required after surgery?
  8. When will I be able to return to work?
  9. How will my condition progress if I opt out of surgery?

At Spine & Orthopedic Center, we also offer minimally invasive spine surgery procedures which are a safer and effective alternative to open back procedures depending on the type of condition or injury. Contact Spine & Orthopedic Center today at 1-888-409-8006 if you would like additional information about our minimally invasive approach to spine surgery.