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Spine & Orthopedic Center, located in Ocean Ridge, offers award-winning spinal, orthopedic and pain management care services.  With top rated orthopedic surgeons and doctors in Ocean Ridge and surrounding areas, SOC is one of the leading orthopedic care centers in the nation.


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Orthopedic Care

Our world renowned orthopedic surgeons in Ocean Ridge are known as #1 for quality care. We offer a dedicated approach to orthopedic care with proven success

Top Ocean Ridge Orthopedic Doctors

Call us toll free 24/7 at 1-888-409-8006 for appointments. Do not forget to ask about our evening hours.


Pain Management

Live a pain free life with top pain management doctors in Ocean Ridge. SOC brings you multi-disciplinary specialists to provide a wide range of treatment options.

Live life in full motion

We practice comprehensive pain management combining interventional pain management techniques with the appropriate medications, physical therapy, amongst other options available.

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Foot & Ankle Care

SOC provides quality foot and ankle care to each patient. We are recognized as top Florida Podiatrist Leaders in Ocean Ridge and throughout South Florida.

Top foot care

At SOC we offer leading edge approach to our patients foot and ankle conditions.

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Common Orthopedic Conditions Treated in Our Ocean Ridge Practice

A herniated disc occurs when a portion of the vertebral disc ruptures…

Herniated Disc

Degenerative Disc Disease occurs in many people during the normal aging process…

Degenerative Disc

Bulging disc, or disc protrusion, happens when a disc shifts out of its normal position…

Bulging Disc

A slipped disc, or prolapsed disc, occurs when the hard, outer portion of the disc weakens and allows the soft inner portion to leak through…

Slipped Disc

Back pain occurs when one or more nerves in the spinal column become impinged, or pinched; commonly caused by a disc or bone spur pushing…

Back Pain

Arthritis means inflammation of a joint and is used to describe several conditions. Arthritis is generally used to describe any condition where there is damage to the cartilage…


Usually due to overuse, strains and injuries, a shoulder problem can leave patients with stiffness, loss of motion, severe pain and even arthritis…

Shoulder Pain

When a joint is healthy, all of the parts work together and the joint moves easily and without pain. However,…

Joint Pain

Scoliosis is the most common abnormal curvature of the spine. It is most common in adolescent females…


Spondylolisthesis is defined as a slip of one vertebral body relative to an adjacent vertebral body…


The facet joints are small stabilizing joints in the spine, located behind and under vertebrae…

Facet Disease

Neck pain may result from abnormalities in the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, or nerves) or in the vertebrae or joints of the cervical spine…

Neck Pain

knee joint pain is one of the most common muculoeskeletal condition due to is function in taking the full body weight as well as the force when running or jumping…

Knee Pain

Our foot and ankle surgeons can treat both common and complex foot and ankle problems and disorders from bunions and hammer toes to ankle joint replacement and complicated fractures…

Foot Pain

A pinched nerve is usually a result of bone or connective tissue placing too much pressure on a nerve…

Pinched Nerve

Stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal or the foramen, the opening through which nerve roots pass…

Spinal Stenosis

Sciatica is the irritation of the largest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve


Hip pain or Hip Joint pain may be caused by problems in the bones or cartilage of your hip, including…

Hip Pain

An ankle dislocation is a condition due to damage and tearing of the connective tissue surrounding the ankle joint followed by displacement of the bones forming the joint…

Ankle Dislocation

Whether a sprained wrist, fracture, dislocation, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other wrist condition or injury, we treat all wrist conditions. …

Wrist Pain

A disclosed kneecap happens when you kneecap falls out of position, causing swelling and knee pain. It is also often called by physicians, patellar dislocation…

Dislocated Kneecap

Normally felt as a numbness and tingling in the hand and arm, carpal tunnel syndrome is a medical condition that occurs by the pressure on the median nerve (pinched nerve) narrowing the carpal tunnel…

Carpal Tunnel

A rotator cuff injury or tear often occurs in people who repeatedly perform an overhead motion at their jobs or in sports…

Rotator Cuff Tear

If you experience trauma, infection or crystalline deposits, bursa sacs around the knee may become inflamed..

Knee Bursitis

Both tennis and golfers elbows are types of tendinitis, which is swelling from overuse…

Tennis Elbow

When you experience avascular necrosis it is due to the lack of blood supply which causes bone tissue to die…

Avascular necrosis

Peroneal tendonitis is enlargement and thickening of the peroneal tendon…

Peroneal Tendonitis

Pitchers, golfers, tennis players, quarterbacks, and any sports which involves overhead motions are typically susceptible to a UCL injury. Damage to the UCL…

Torn UCL

The IT band is a piece of tough tissue which runs from your hip down to the outer part of your knee. This can become inflamed…

IT (iliotibial) Band Syndrome

Meniscal Tear is a tear in the knee cartridge. The rough edges can get stuck in the joint causing…

Meniscal Tear

Patellar Tendinitis is an inflammation in the tendon that connects the kneecap to the …

Patellar Tendinitis

Ganglion cysts typically develop along the tendons or joints of your wrist or…

Ganglion Cysts

Although any of the ten bones can break, the most common wrist fracture is in the radius. This type of fracture occurs from an injury such as…

Wrist Fracture

You may experience a dislocated elbow with pain when one of the bones which form the elbow gets knocked…

Dislocated Elbow

The link below will take you to all additional conditions, including spinal, shoulder, wrist, hand, knee, foot & ankle.

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#1 Ocean Ridge Spine Surgeon

Lead by 2018 Doctor of the Year and 2015-2018 Castle Connolly Top Spine Surgeon, Dr. Ashish Sahai, SOC has successfully bridged the gap between spine surgery and interventional pain management to provide our patients with even less invasive spine treatment options, less discomfort and a life in full motion.

Spine & Orthopedic Center has successfully become the number one practice for orthopedic and spine treatment in Ocean Ridge! We have helped thousands of patients suffering from neck and back pain.


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