I love Dr. Chacin! He gives the best epidural injections. Do not be afraid to get one. The injections really help. He is very caring. Dr. Sahai is nice as well. He told me I needed surgery 3 years in a row without pushing me to make a decision in 3 weeks he is going to do a spinal revision surgery and put in 2 artificial discs and a fusion.This will be my 4th surgery with 3 different surgeons.I am very scared, yet happy at the same time. I know in my heart that he is the right doctor for my surgery and he will give me my life back that I once enjoyed. I have been in so much terrible pain that I have been existing but, not living the life I want or enjoy. In a few short weeks I will get my happy life back. I have extreme confidence in Dr. Sahai that he will make me feel like 20 again. ?