ankle arthroscopy procedure

What is Ankle Arthroscopy?

Ankle arthroscopy is a minimally invasive ankle surgical procedure that uses a fiber-optic camera and small surgical tools to treat the ankle joint through small incisions. Ankle arthroscopy is such an accepted procedure by most podiatric and foot and ankle surgeons that it is performed for both the evaluation and treatment of a several ankle conditions.  Because it is a minimally invasive procedure, Arthroscopic surgery can have a quicker recovery time than traditional open surgery.

When is Ankle Arthroscopy Recommended?

  • Ankle arthritis: Ankle arthroscopy offers a minimally invasive way to perform ankle fusion which is a common treatment for patients with ankle arthritis.
  • Ankle fractures: Along with open techniques of fracture repair, ankle arthroscopy can help to ensure normal alignment of bone and cartilage.
  • Ankle pain: For overall evaluation or diagnosis, an ankle Arthroscopy allows the surgeon to determine what is causing your ankle pain.
  • Anterior ankle impingement: Also known as athlete’s ankle or footballer’s ankle, this condition when bone or soft tissue at the front of the ankle joint becomes inflamed resulting in ankle pain and swelling. The ankle Arthroscopy procedure can be used to shave away inflamed tissues and bone spurs.
  • Arthrofibrosis: Scar tissue can form within the ankle often after a surgery resulting in a painful and stiff joint.  Ankle arthroscopy can be used to identify the scar tissue and remove it.
  • Cartilage injuries: This procedure is also used to diagnose or repair cartilage and bone injuries.
  • Infection: When there is an infection in the joint, it cannot be treated with antibiotics alone. It often requires an urgent surgery to wash out the joint that can be accomplished with ankle arthroscopy.
  • Ligament tears: In a few words, a ligament is a band of tissue which connects bone to bone. Several ligaments in the ankle help keep it stable and enable movement. Arthroscopy can be used to repair torn ligaments.
  • Loose fragments: Pieces of bone, cartilage and scar tissue inside the ankle that can cause the joint to lock up. Loose bodies can also be painful and can cause problems such as clicking and catching.  With the use of Ankle arthroscopy, these fragments can be removed.
  • Synovitis: This occurs when synovial tissue (soft tissue of the ankle joint) becomes inflamed causing pain and swelling. It is caused by injury, joint overuse, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis.  Ankle arthroscopy can help to surgically remove the inflamed tissue.