sacroiliac si joint injection

Sacroiliac SI Joint Injection

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can be debilitating, affecting nearly every part of a person’s life.  Many cases of adult back pain originate in this lowest part of the spine that connects to the pelvis. Also referred to as SI joint dysfunction, patients are often able to find symptom relief and a return to normal activity from conservative treatments without resorting to surgical options.

The sacroiliac joints, or SI joints, exist on both sides of the lower back, joining the spine to the pelvis.  These joints are susceptible to injury, either by chronic stress or acute injury. This type of pain may occur with other spine problems and the diagnosis of sacroiliac arthropathy is frequently overlooked.

One of the most commonly used conservative treatments to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with sacroiliac joint dysfunction are sacroiliac joint injections. These injections can serve two main functions: to provide pain relief, and to serve a diagnostic role by confirming the SI joint as the origin point of symptoms.

How do SI Joint Injections Work?

The SI joint is injected with local anesthetic and steroid under X-ray guidance. Typically, this is a difficult joint to inject and requires precision needle placement and confirmation of correct placement by documentation of appropriate contrast spread. Injections may be repeated multiple times to effect long-term relief.

Though they can reduce the pain and discomfort for a short amount of time, sacroiliac joint injections best results occur when the injections are performed in coordination with other therapies that are associated with lasting relief and regained mobility. These include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Low-impact exercise
  • Stretching
  • Medication
  • Swimming
  • Hot/cold therapy

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