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Best Pillows & Sleep Positions For Sciatica

Are you having trouble finding sleep positions for sciatica? Our physicians and physical therapists at SOC are sciatica pain specialists. Our physical therapists have put together an article on the best pillows and sleeping positions for someone living with sciatica.  Sciatica can be extremely uncomfortable. Especially with the stabbing and burning pain it comes [...]

How to Maintain a Healthy Spine

Every day there are millions of people who end up suffering from many nagging types of back pain. On top of being painful, this can have a negative effect on your overall daily life. For instance, it can cause you to miss work or prevent you from participating in social activities. Additionally, it could keep [...]

Tips to Avoid Neck Pain On An Airplane

When you travel on an airplane, it's typical to develop neck pain, especially if you sit in an uncomfortable position or sit for a long period of time. If you have experienced neck or back pain during or after flying, here are some tips you can use during your next travel: Carry over-the-counter medication If [...]

Are flat feet in children something to worry about?

It’s understandable that parents worry when they see their child walking around with the sole of their feet making contact with the floor. Especially due to the list of issues which come with flatfeet as an adult. Naturally, parents are concerned about this. Therefore, if your child has flat foot does that mean they are [...]

4 Low-Impact Exercises to Strengthen Your Core and Back

Our core is made up of a group of muscles that run down the center of our body - is the epicenter of balance and strength for virtually everything we do. Examples of these muscles include the abdominal muscles, back muscles, and the pelvis. The core muscles work together to assist the body in maintaining [...]

Does Rain Season Affect Joint Pain?

Florida is truly the Sunshine State offering a beautiful weather and hundreds of miles of beaches. With a combination of a humid subtropical climate in the North and Central parts and a tropical climate in South Florida, we have a defined rainy season from May through October. While it can’t be assessed scientifically, both rain [...]

6 Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Shoulders

Almost all of your daily activities may require you to move your arms, thus demanding the use of your shoulders. Strong shoulders are the unsung heroes of the upper body. They are powerful and have a great range of motion. That great mobility also makes them vulnerable to injury. If your shoulders are weak, the [...]

Dealing With Joint Pain? You Need to Drink More Water

Our patients experiencing joint pain know how debilitating it can be. Some find it difficult to even perform basic tasks when dealing with severe joint pain. Whether it is due to an injury or because of a condition like arthritis. Joint pain is no joke, and those affected by it, dream of a pain-free life.Most [...]

Preventing Holiday Injuries When Decorating

The holiday season is here bringing joy and happiness.  It also brings a burning passion to hang decorations, decorate trees and place lights across the roof, windows, doors, and walls.  The effort clearly pays off at the end when you witness your home full of holiday spirit. However, holiday decorating has a certain degree of [...]