Golfing has gained massive traction as one of America’s all-time favorite activities. Here in South Florida, we are especially at an advantage with our year-round tropical climate. Though over time, it is easy to golf course back pain, or sports related injuries.

Nearly 50% of golfers are affected by back pain. Of that 50%, men are more prone to suffer from golf-related back injuries.

However, whether male or female, anyone living with golf course back pain can agree that it is excruciatingly debilitating to one’s golf game. Yet, not playing is rarely an option for those devoted to the game.

In fact, for many, golfing is a part of their healthy and active routine. Playing golf can promote heart health, as well as provide cardiovascular endurance. Physical activity can help reduce stress and provide social interaction by meeting new people.

How to Handle Golf Course Back Pain

What can you do to avoid or lessen the all-too-common plague that is back pain? Here are 5 suggestions to help you stay on the greens:

1. Warm-Up.

Take special care to warm up your upper back, neck, shoulders, and hips to get your body ready for the explosiveness of golf swings. This makes sure that your muscle groups are receiving enough oxygen to facilitate your golf game.

2. Check Your Posture.

Analyze the positioning of your feet, weight distribution, and the alignment of your hips and knees during your swing follow-through.

3. Do Exercises that Target the Core.

Planks are optimal for increasing core strength. Do these 3 times daily to build abdominal muscles.

4. Make Time to Stretch.

Stretching promotes the overall range of motion. To loosen up those tight muscles, complete back, and hip stretch before beginning to play.

5. Practice Your Golf Stance.

The key is to make sure your body is in proper alignment before beginning your swing. If you practice the correct placement of your feet and knees and maintain a neutral back, once you are on the course, it will feel more natural and thus prevent injury.

Although no athlete is exempt from injuries, we can all take precautions to avoid careless ones. However, these suggestions, as well as a visit with one of our board-certified physicians, can get you back on track to enjoying the things you love most. Call us at 888-409-8006.