Did you know that the type of footwear you buy might help significantly alleviate pain and pressure in your joints? In fact, the right pair of shoes should do more than express your sense of style; they should help you feel happy and healthy too! Always remember, proper footwear for joint pain is crucial.

Each day we put pressure on our joints and, as time goes on, that pressure can turn into pain. Some of us have jobs that require us to spend long hours on our feet. Some of us are athletes, dancers, or waiters that have no choice but to spend extended time in a standing position. In each case, proper footwear is crucial to reduce foot pain and injuries. 

While the Spine & Orthopedic Center offers a long list of rehabilitation and pain alleviation methods for knee and joint pain, the best place to start is buying a pair of well-cushioned shoes. We know that cushioning may not be on your list of things to consider when you’re out shoe shopping, but your joints will thank you in the long run.

What to look for in Footwear for Joint Pain

Here are some more “footwear factors” to consider when shopping for shoes to alleviate knee and joint pain:

  1. Do Some “Sole” Searching – A thin, flat sole does not provide the proper amount of support for your feet if you suffer from pain. Also, firm midsoles tend to significantly reduce the amount of overpronation, which is a type of gait in people with low arches.
  2. Pump the Brakes on those Pumps – At times, high heels are just right for the occasion, but if possible, try and reduce the amount of time spent wearing them. Pumps and other high-heeled dress shoes add a considerable amount of pressure on the knees. That pressure continues to build as time goes on and may cause further damage down the road.
  3. Invest in Shoe Inserts– Those who wear them know, the amount of pressure on your feet and joints can be massively reduced with a pair of inserts. There are several different types of inserts, too. There are inserts for athletes, inserts for casual wear, and even custom-made inserts custom designed.

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At the Spine & Orthopedic Center, we can help determine the source of your knee or joint pain. And suggest the proper footwear for joint pain to help alleviate some of that stress. Also, we can run through a list of exercises, stretches, and/or rehabilitation methods to help you feel better than you have in years!

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