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Dr. Alan MacGill, New Member of Board of Directors for the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons

We would like to start by congratulating, Dr. Alan MacGill, on his achievement and contributions at the Annual Scientific Conference. At the conference, he was installed as a new member of the Board of Directors for the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons.

Common Football Injuries

What are the most common football injuries? If you play football, you know better than anyone that football is a “rough” sport. Players are rough on the field. They tend to have little mercy. However, regardless of the helmets, braces, pads, and supports, wounds are typical. Therefore, football players tend to be more susceptible [...]

Are flat feet in children something to worry about?

It’s understandable that parents worry when they see their child walking around with the sole of their feet making contact with the floor. Especially due to the list of issues which come with flatfeet as an adult. Naturally, parents are concerned about this. Therefore, if your child has flat foot does that mean they are [...]

Foot Problems That Come With Aging

Time definitely takes a toll on all of us. As years go by, our feet seem to be affected by the pressure of our footwear, our body weight, playful activities, sports, and, age-related issues such as circulation problems. These problems can affect our lower extremities and our capacity to walk and stand. Sometimes feet problems [...]

When The Cause of Your Foot Pain is a Problem in Your Spine

Most people wouldn’t even think that there’s any relation between foot and spinal health. The truth is that certain physical conditions affecting your feet can have severe consequences in your spine, and vice versa. You can understand more clearly this complicated relationship if you know the trajectory of the sciatic nerve, and understand a little [...]