As most of us know, Tiger Woods has been through many surgical procedures, including spinal fusion surgery. And unfortunately, the terrifying Tiger Woods car accident Tuesday in Los Angeles left him with open right leg fractures.

Now, Tiger Woods has undergone surgery to insert a rod, screws, and pins to keep his left leg and ankle stabilized after his car accident. Additionally, he received a surgical release of muscle to relieve pressure for intense swelling.

We are thankful that Tiger Woods is recovering. Currently, a recovery prognosis has been made public, though.

What Could Tiger Woods Accident Mean for his Golf Game?

Tiger Woods car accident left him with several injuries. The tibia and fibula are the bones in the lower leg area. Therefore, this means there are multiple fractures. However, there has also been some talk about an open fracture, meaning the bone has split through the skin. Infection is likely after an open fracture. Therefore, bacteria may enter the body until it’s fully healed.

So, depending on how he heals will determine the outcome of how much mobility he can regain. Even a fusion not healing as well as it was before could hurt Tiger Woods future golf game.

Although Woods’s injuries could potentially cost him his golf game, this car accident could have been life-threatening.

Tiger woods has been through a total of five back surgeries in his 25-year professional golf career. Although he has come out stronger after each one, he has been through many surgeries at 45 years old. Therefore, he may be looking at a rough recovery this time.

So, all in all, we are thankful that Tiger Woods’s car accident injuries are not life-threatening. And we are hopeful he will regain total strength in his knee for his ability to walk again!

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