Often, in the bustle of the holiday season, people don’t exercise the caution they might during less hectic months. When you’re stringing lights and hanging wreaths we want you to have a safe and joyful season. There are so many activities to enjoy and nobody wants to add a visit to the emergency room for an injury to bones, joints or muscles resulting from a fall.

In fact, studies have shown that there are approximately 250 injuries a day during the months of November and December, and more than one third of those which are most frequently reported involve falls.  Therefore, here are some great tips on how to safely deck your halls.

  1. Clear decorations, gift boxes, and other items that can trip you out of the way, and leave plenty of space to walk safely.
  2. When putting up holiday decorations, lights, and trees always position the ladder close to the work area, so you don’t lose your balance.
  3. Never stand on furniture. Instead, use a step stool or utility ladder to reach that little bit higher.
  4. Make sure the ladder you use is secure, and the rungs or steps are dry and free of dirt.
  5. Always set your ladder on a level, form surface. Beware of uneven flooring or ground, or soft muddy areas.
  6. Avoid back strains in addition to fall risks by getting help when moving awkward or heavy items.
  7. Remember to alert others in the household when rearranging furniture. It’s easy to forget and trip over items in what was previously open space.
  8. Use extension ladders outdoors to reach higher area, such as roofs.
  9. Remember to check your ladder’s maximum load capacity, and never exceed it.
  10. Secure all rugs with slip-resistant backing or double-sided tape.
  11. During holiday gatherings cleanup spill quickly to avoid slips.
  12. Don’t DUI (decorate under the influence). Save the celebration for when you are done.

Use these 12 safety tips to keep the holidays as a time to enjoy the company of family and friends, rather than disrupting the joy of the season with an avoidable injury. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate, be grateful, and appreciate the gift of health.

If you would like to find out more information about how to prevent holiday injuries, please call or visit Spine & Orthopedic Center today.