If you play football, you know better than anyone that football is an injury-prone sport. Players are rough on the field. They tend to have little mercy. However, regardless of the helmets, braces, pads, and supports, wounds are typical. Therefore, football players tend to be more susceptible to injury. So, with that being said, what are the most common football injuries?

Most common football injuries:

Sprains & Strains:

These typical injuries are the most common in football. A strain or sprain usually does not require medical attention. Although it is possible. However, it is treated with a method called RICE. Which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevate.


fracture (broken bone) makes up for one-quarter of major football injuries. This injury requires a doctor.

Turf Toe:

Turf toe is a sprain to a ligament of the big toe. And is caused by jumping or running on hard turf. Such as a football field.

Achilles Tendonitis:

 Achilles tendonitis occurs when sharp changes are made. And it can be a risky injury, and it must be treated by a doctor. Your Achilles Tendon is located at the back of the foot, above the heel. As a result of this, a football player could be out an entire season!

ACL Tear:

An ACL tear often occurs with a sudden stop, change in motion, or jump. The ACL is the most crucial knee ligament. And when it tears, it is the most common ligament injury in football. Furthermore, you will need to seek medical attention immediately. That being said, it could result in up to 4 months of loss of game time! 

Torn Meniscus:

torn meniscus happens when the meniscus is damaged or torn. A rough tackle on the field can result in a torn cartilage.

 Hip Pointer:

This injury is caused by a football tackle. It occurs when a bone is bruised or fractured. A hip pointer can happen from being hit or a hard fall on your side.

Ankle Sprain:

An ankle sprain occurs from an unnatural inward twisting motion or force of the ankle. Thus, a relatively common injury in football. Therefore, loss of game time is more common. For a speedy recovery, however, seek medical attention.


In football, a concussion is a frequent injury because of the aggressiveness of the game. And it is considered a minor brain injury. It occurs when the head has encountered an intense impact of force. A player has to monitor after a concussion until they are cleared by the medical staff.

Burner or stinger:

This is a common nerve injury. This occurs from trauma to the neck and shoulder.


As mentioned before, it is in your best interest to have injuries treated by a physician. Sports players are more prone to an injury due to repetitive movements. And a loss of play is typical when treating an injury. Even more, if proper diagnosis and treatments are not performed by a doctor.

There are several treatment options available, non-surgical and surgically. Conservative treatments are first offered, such as:

If conservative methods don’t work, a surgeon might consider surgical options.

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