What are the most common football injuries?

If you play football, you know better than anyone that football is a “rough” sport. Regardless of the helmets, braces, pads, and supports, wounds are a typical part of the sport. Players are rough on the field and tend to have little mercy. Football players tend to be more susceptible to injury, due to the aggressiveness of the sport.

Most common football injuries:

Sprains & Strains:
These typical injuries are the most common in football. A strain or sprain usually does not need medical attention, although possible. Normally it is treated with a method called R.I.C.E. = Rest, Ice. Compression & Elevate.

A fracture is also called a broken bone. This injury makes up for one-quarter of major football injuries. This injury requires a doctor to further evaluate the injury.

Turf Toe:
This injury is a sprain to a ligament of the big toe. Turf toe is a condition caused by jumping or running on a hard turf, such as a football field. This is considered an overuse injury from repeated use.

Achilles Tendonitis:
This condition in football is usually related to the sharp changes in direction. Achilles tendonitis can be a very serious injury and must be treated by a doctor. The Achilles Tendon is located at the back of the foot just above the heel. If it is not properly taken care of this can lead a football player to sit out an entire season while recovering!

ACL Tear
An ACL tear often occurs with a sudden stop, change in motion, or jump occurs. This is considered a major ligament in the knee. An ACL tear is known as the most common ligament injury in football. This could result in up to 4 months of loss of game time. It is important to seek medical attention immediately.

Torn Cartilage:

A torn cartilage occurs when the meniscus is damaged or torn during an activity, such as football. If you have encountered a tough tackle on the field this can result in a torn cartilage.

Hip Pointer
This injury is caused by a football tackle and occurs when a bone is bruised or fractured. This injury can happen by being hit or falling hard on your side.

Ankle Sprain
An ankle sprain is very common in football. This occurs usually from an unnatural inward twisting motion or force of the ankle is performed. This could result in loss of game time. It is important to seek medical attention in order to speed up recovery.

This is a frequent injury in football players due to the aggressiveness of the game. A concussion is considered a minor brain injury. This occurs when the head has encountered a large impact of force. It is important that the player is monitored after a concussion until they are cleared by a medical staff.

Burner or stinger
This is a common nerve injury in contact sports, such as football. The injury is resulting from a trauma to the neck and shoulder.


It’s always important to have all injuries treated by a medical professional. Sports players are more prone to injury due to repetitive physical activity. Loss of play is possible if a proper diagnosis and treatment aren’t done by a health care professional.

There are many treatment options available for sports injuries. Orthopedic surgeons treat many conditions and injuries through non-surgical and surgical treatment. Typical conservative treatments first offered is typically medication, exercise, and physical therapy. During physical therapy, a specialist will often not only go over hip, knee, foot and ankle exercises but also injury prevention. When conservative options do not properly treat your injury, a surgeon might consider orthopedic surgery, such as joint replacement.

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