Maintaining positive health habits is hard enough for some, but for those spending long days at work behind a desk or at a cubicle, it can be even more difficult. Sitting at a desk for eight hours may not only cause mental stress, but can also add physical stress as well.

Mind the following helpful hints in order to maintain healthy habits at the workplace and avoid lasting, negative health repercussions:

1. Find the Right Chair: A chair with back/lumbar support is key. Also keep in mind you’d like a chair that will keep you forthright at your keyboard and will help reduce slouching or leaning to one side or the other. Posture is key to a healthy spine.

2. Consider Building a Standing Work Station: These portable workstations that you can build on your own, or buy at the store, are becoming all the rage. Studies show that sitting down for six hours a day or more can cause adverse affects on the legs, spine and even the blood flow of the lower body. Standing for large portions of time at work will help burn more calories than sitting and will help avoid certain adverse health affects.

3. Breathe, Stretch and Shake it Out: Try to periodically get up from your desk, take a lap around the office and do some light stretching. Sitting sedentary all day can be very bad for the human body and mind.

4. Lunch Break Workout: If you have the time, try to sneak in a quick workout during your lunch break! You will come back to work with the juices flowing and a positive energy and mindset, ready to tackle the afternoon.

5. Avoid Excessive Leg Crossing: For many of us, it can be hard to sit still in one position throughout the day. If you can, try and avoid crossing your legs and sitting in awkward positions for too long. Sitting upright, with computer at eye level and feet flat on the ground is most ideal.

While there are other ways you can create healthy habits at work, these tips are a great way to start! Not only will each of these pointers help you avoid back and neck pain, but they’ll have you feeling happier and healthier over time as well.

If you suffer from back or neck pain, and you believe it may be caused by the workplace or workplace stressors, please contact the Spine & Orthopedic Center today for a consultation.