Our patients experiencing joint pain know how debilitating it can be. Some find it difficult to even perform basic tasks when dealing with severe joint pain. Whether it is due to an injury or because of a condition like arthritis. Joint pain is no joke, and those affected by it, dream of a pain-free life.

Most of us already know of the health benefits of drinking water. It helps to keep a healthy digestive system, controls our blood pressure, keeps our skin healthy, helps to prevent kidney disease, and it even helps with our weight loss effort. However, not so many people know that water can help support joint pain relief.

Our joints are made up of cartilage and this articular cartilage (when found in joints) functions as a low friction and wear resistant tissue where 60% is made from water. When the water content of cartilage decreases, it ends up losing its above-mentioned qualities. You can just picture how easy is for two wet sponges to move against one another than for two dry, stiff sponges.

Drinking more water may not cure your joint pain, but it can help to improve the health of your joints.  According to “The Food and Nutrition Board”, it is recommended that women drink 91 ounces of water daily and men, 125 ounces on average.

Drinking water can stimulate our production of synovial fluid (in charge of lubricating the cartilage), plus, reduce inflammation around the joint. And it encourages growth of new cells in the cartilage tissues. Proper water intake can also support circulation and immune system. This occurs by enabling it to promote a faster recovery.

In conclusion, for healthier joints focus on staying properly hydrated throughout the day.