For most people, yoga is a very safe form of exercise. It is possible for almost anyone to benefit from regular yoga practice. And with a good instructor, even those who suffer from chronic back pain or have had back surgery can find it helpful.

Benefits in Practicing Yoga for Your Spine Health

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, and certain modifications can ease strain or discomfort for patients with back conditions. Simply place a blanket or pillow beneath the back of the knees when laying flat.

Muscle strength can be improved by holding yoga positions and also by its various movements. The postures can strengthen both the back and abdominal muscles, which are essential for proper posture and movement. A key factor for reducing lower back pain is proper alignment, balance, and posture, which can be improved through consistent practice. When muscles become strong, pain can be reduced.

Yoga also involves stretching and relaxing. This increases blood flow and nourishes the soft tissue and muscles in the back. In combination with deep breathing, stretching encourages relaxation, helping to reduce tension in muscles and increasing flexibility in joints and muscles. Additionally, yoga helps stretch and strengthen both sides of the body in equal measure.

The practice of yoga can also have a positive mental or emotional impact and enhance mood. Therefore, reducing stress and anxiety, which can cause back pain.

Many yoga positions are commonly used by physical therapists and other physical rehabilitation professionals. So, patients who have had physical therapy for back pain may be familiar with some of the yoga stretches and poses.

Of course, it is always advisable to speak with a treating physician before starting yoga. Anyone with acute or chronic back pain should be examined by a health professional for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan before beginning.

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