Why Do I Have A Ganglion Cyst?

Nobody knows for sure why ganglion cysts form. They grow from the lining of joints and tendons. Usually, when the tissue at the joint erupts, lubricating fluid leaks into this area of misplaced tissue. Therefore, a ganglion cyst develops. Arthritis and repetitive use injury patients commonly get ganglion cysts, and there is obviously a contributing factor. A ganglion cyst may rupture once it’s formed also.

Little is known about why they form prevention is not clear either. In fact, with a link to overuse, it is thought that these cysts are akin to blisters. But, the blister is internal this time. Some also believe that tears in the joint capsule cause fluid to leak. The collection of leaked fluid forms a cyst.

Why Does a Ganglion Cyst Rupture?

Ganglion cysts can rupture on their own. This occurs commonly among children and active individuals. Cysts can rupture when a person falls hard onto the ground. Falling or running into something is the most common reason for a ganglion cyst rupture. Some people cause ruptures themselves by trying to remove the cyst.

The rupture occurs as pressure is placed on the cyst. It bursts internally, releasing fluid under the skin. The blood eventually absorbs this fluid. You will see redness and swelling in the area for a few days. It may also be tender to touch. People have reported that a rupture feels like water running over the wrist area.

How Do You Treat a Ruptured Cyst?

Ganglion cysts are not hazardous. Even without treatment, many burst on their own. However, after a rupture, you may experience wrist pain. Treatment involves relieving the pain by:

  • Elevating the ruptured area as much as you can
  • Applying ice to the area
  • Taking pain relievers

If discoloration and swelling don’t subside, seek medical advice. You should be feeling better after a few days. But, if symptoms worsen or persist, see your doctor, or contact us for a wrist specialist.

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