When you are going to have surgery, many concerns may be on your mind. However, you can prepare for back surgery in advance, to leave you free to focus on your recovery. A good place to begin is by arranging transportation home from your procedure. Because you won’t be able to drive home due to the medications and anesthesia that will be administered. Although, you will be able to ride in a car. If you need to travel for more than an hour though, be sure to stop frequently to stand, stretch and walk. Therefore, helping you avoid pain from sitting for too long.

Although you’ll be able to walk after surgery, you may need to arrange for someone to stay or at least drop in to assist you for a few days after returning home. This can be a big help with activities like shopping, laundry, cleaning, washing, and dressing.

Make Adjustments to Make You More Comfortable

Next, consider any adjustments that may make your time at home easier and more comfortable. Consider the items you’ll want to use and place them at a height that won’t require bending to reach them. Some items to think about, such as:

  • Your phone and charger
  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Food and Cooking Utensils

Remove Tripping Hazards To Prepare for Back Surgery

Additionally, examine throw rugs or any items that present a risk for tripping and temporarily remove them. Look around and think ahead about ways to make your home comfortably accessible. 

It is vital to evaluate your health status to ensure that you’re healthy enough to go safely through your surgery. Therefore, your spine surgeon may ask you to visit your medical doctor before surgery to obtain a clearance. After your surgery, you should return to your medical doctor to evaluate your health and current medications.

Keep a List of Current Medications

Make sure to create a list of the current medications, pain relievers, vitamins, and supplements that you take and present it to your spine surgeon. He will be advising you which of these should be stopped before your surgery, and the timeframes for doing so. As some may be required to be stopped for a week or more before your procedure, make sure you have written instructions to review, especially if you are taking several prescriptions.

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Have Comfortable Clothing Planned out to Prepare for Back Surgery

Finally, plan clothing that is soft, loose, and comfortable, and flat closed-toe shoes to wear after your procedure. Also, remember to leave your jewelry and valuables safe at home.

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