People often seek an orthopedic visit for neck and back pain. Furthermore, sports injuries or arthritic joint patients are common too. And these are only a few of the musculoskeletal conditions that affect many people. An orthopedic doctor diagnoses and treats musculoskeletal disorders and diseases. Additionally, they can help with the prevention of and rehabilitation from injuries. The musculoskeletal system includes nerves, tendons, bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Orthopedic Physician Guidelines

If you are wondering when to visit an orthopedic physician, take a look at these guidelines:

  • Pain: This can occur from an injury, a fall, or an accident. However, it may also just progress over time. You could be experiencing any type of pain in specific joints. These joints include ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows. Or, in areas such as the back or neck. There may be a pain in your muscles or tendons that persists. And even swelling or bruising too.
  • Posture: Problems can arise from sitting at a desk hunched over a keyboard. And increased use of electronics can even cause limited mobility! In addition, shoulder and upper back stiffness and forward head posture can lead over time to anatomical changes in your spine. And this results in neck and back pain.
  • Performance: Performance can be improved. Whether you are an athlete or just having difficulty using certain body parts to perform daily functions. You may even have a limited range of motion, such as, an inability to straighten your back or reach behind your back without pain.
  • Prevention – Strategies can help to prevent injury, re-injury, or immobility.

A highly skilled orthopedic physician evaluates each problem carefully. Then, reaches a diagnosis. After coming to an accurate diagnosis, an effective treatment plan can be formulated. Successful treatment often includes new technology or methods and proven techniques.

How Can an Orthopedic Visit Help?

When it comes to problems involving your ability to perform everyday activities, an orthopedic doctor can help. Using their education, experience, and skills allow them to provide in caring and effective treatment.

If you are experiencing musculoskeletal symptoms or pain, call us at 888-409-8006. You can also visit us online to schedule an appointment. Our doctors can help you determine the cause of your pain. Plus, advise on an appropriate treatment plan for your road to recovery!